Thursday, March 30, 2006


Stay home few days from thursday to sunday.. Im tired..
oohhhhhh... I am really damn T-I-R-E-D!! *sigh*
Have been going to work and going out to & fro to mom's place or
cooking lunch/dinner & look after my boy..
I just want to slack and eat and watch vcds at home..haha.. like no one bussiness!!
next week i'll be going to have a long rest......... monday night to tuesday night..more beach, more shopping, more music, more chitt chatt & dancing...............!! I loike!!
anyway got 2 go 2 work on wednesday morning.. then thursday to sunday again I wanna slack.. haha.. who cares huh! hahaha

Image hosting by Photobucket darling baby .. mama & papa sayang kan mu ..

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kuncup said...

lenyak nyer baby tido...
raser cam nak geget pipi baby...